Our Mission

To use nature to increase the health of our planet and everything that's living on it.​
building a community

Our story

Our story started in Louisville Ky. From the belief that nature has an amazing power to increase our physical and metal health came Pineal. Our goal is to connect communities back to nature and help people gain the benefits of a nature filled life! 

How we do it

We offer many garden services as well as our all natural product line making it easy to reconnect with the beauties of nature right in your own yard!


Our Pineal trade stations act as a drop off point for communities to conveniently trade their extra garden abundance, making home gardening more efficient thus reducing waste!

By adopting a more eco-friendly garden maintenance practices, from minimal dig methods, to no harsh chemicals used, we can help maximize our soils ecosystem.

The Trade Station

Join our journey to reconnect humanity with nature

Our mission with Pineal Trade Stations is to connect communities together making it possible for neighborhoods to enjoy the freshest and tastiest produce you can find.